Shakira hat

Shakira towards 500 lbs. in 2006

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, known professionally as Shakira, is a Colombian singer-songwriter, musician, record producer, dancer and philanthropist who emerged as a musical prodigy in the music scene of Latin America in the early 1990s. Born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia, Shakira revealed many of her talents in school as a live performer, demonstrating her vocal ability with rock and roll, Latin and Middle Eastern influences with her own original twist on belly dancing.

Shakira is a native Spanish speaker and also speaks fluent English, Portuguese and Italian. She also sings in classical Arabic. After commercial flops with local producers on her first two albums, and little-known outside Colombia, Shakira decided to produce her own brand of music. In 1995 she released Pies Descalzos, which brought her great fame in Latin America and Spain, and her 1998 album ¿Dónde Están los Ladrones? was a critical success. Since then she has gained many fans in semi-Hispanophone countries, and many non-Spanish-speaking countries, especially the United States. In 2001, and aided by heavy rotation of the music video, "Whenever, Wherever", she broke through into the English-speaking world with the release of Laundry Service, which sold over 13 million copies worldwide. Four years later, Shakira released two album projects called Fijación Oral Vol. 1 and Oral Fixation Vol. 2. Both reinforced her success, particularly with the most successful song in the 21st century to date, "Hips Don't Lie". From October-November 2009 Shakira released her album She Wolf worldwide. This was followed up by a small time lapse of a year before the release of Sale el Sol. The success of the album caused a small inclination of weight gain, not seen since the uproarious success of the "Hips Don't Lie" music video nearly four years prior.

In 2014, she released her tenth album, which is also self-titled. The artwork of the album was especially popular as it featured Shakira's full figure on the cover for the first time where the actual photo could not fit her hips into the frame. She has also starred in 2016 movie Zootopia, where her character was depicted as a robust and somewhat bovine-looking antelope Eland, who was also a singer.

Physical AttributesEdit

Shakira found it easy in accentuating her figure through revealing promotional artwork along with her dancing skills. The roots of her latin dance routines, coupled with belly dancing has made for some massively popular festival concerts.

Her belly dancing in particular has garnered the most attention with her incredibly wide hips, equally wide butt, large thighs and extreme pear shape amongst FAT WORLD musicians. The extreme contrast of her upper torso to her lower half heaviness has caused great concern over her mobility. Her most recent weight was billed to be around 650 lbs. She still has mobility to dance freely and walk.


  • Shakira is the widest woman by far in all of FAT WORLD, and because of how big her thighs are, they resemble those of an 800-pound woman rather than the 650 pounds she weighs. Due by this, Shakira's maximum mobility weight is lower than other women.
  • Shakira holds the World Record for "The most hip and thigh wobbling in one consistent 25 second display of movement by one motion." The Guiness Book of World Records has documented it. The music video in which she won the title for is "Rabiosa" from the 2009, She Wolf album.