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Lucy Lawless, MNZM (b. Lucille Frances Ryan; March 29 1968) is a New Zealand actress, activist and musician.

Career and family lifeEdit

Throughout her life and career, Lucy Lawless sought to upgrade her weight and her physical strength. Her early pregnancy with her daughter Daisy Lawless at the age of 19 caused her to reach 300 pounds of weight by her middle twenties, and at first her acting career was slow, restricted mainly to various comedy shows. Then, in 1994, Lucy seemed to catch her big break by becoming the star of Xena: Warrior Princess series, which also starred Renee O'Connor and Hudson Leick, quickly becoming a familiar household name – but in 1995 she suffered a horse riding accident and heavily fractured her pelvis – a problem that she had never recovered. In particular, this cost her to drop out of the series (Vanessa Angel took over the role of X: WP, though several episodes had to be rewritten in the process), though she still remained popular with the TV audiences, now through her struggle with potential immobility.

By 1996 Lucy made several appearances on Jay Leno show, where everyone noted that while she was still forced to move with a cane, she generally did not need her wheelchair, but walking was still physically uncomfortable for her, yet she refused to give in. This did not gone unnoticed, and by 1997 Lucy Lawless was voted one of the “50 most popular people of the year” by the Times magazine. (By then her weight was about 380 pounds).

On March 1998 Lucy married her second (and current) husband and had two more children, both boys, in 1999 and 2002. Though both boys were born healthy, the pregnancy weight caused new strain on Lucy’s still-fragile pelvis and hips, creating new health problems. Therefore her youngest boy was born from a Caesarean operation on one hand, and she was advised not to have any more children, for otherwise she might lose her legs completely.

During 2005-2009 Lucy caught her big acting break when she starred as one of the villains on Battlestar Galactica. Depicted as a cyborg and eventually revealed as a villain, Lucy Lawless either walked around in a pair of leg braces or rode in a customized wheelchair (that she hated). At the same time she appeared on a reality show Celebrity Duets and finished it as a runner-up. She appeared on an HBO comedy series as well and in 2008 helped her former stuntwoman and friend, Zoe Bell, to star in the web series Angel of Death.

Since 2012 Lucy Lawless plays a part-time role on Parks and Recreations TV series as a love interest of Ron Swanson, and has several cameo appearances in the second season of Marvel’s Agents of Shield.


Lucy Lawless has a dwarf planet named after her (a fact that has caused many jokes). She currently weights 645 pounds. She is still a spokesperson against immobility (which she'd been since 2003), but her own immobility is steadily progressing to the consternation of her friends, fans and family.