Fat Haley Williams

Hayley Williams is an American singer, and frontwoman of the punk-pop band Paramore.

With Paramore, Williams has had several hit singles, including "Misery Business," "That's What You Get," and "The Only Exception." She has also appeared on B.O.B's "Airplanes."

From her first appearance on stage, Hayley has been known for her trend setting style. Publications noted that her red hair made her stand out from the crowd, along with her impressive vocal ability and larger waistline.

Following the release of Paramore's debut album, "All We Know is Falling", Hayley became world renowned for her stage presence. She was praised for her live vocal performances, and the way she bounced her chubby body around was lauded as an inspiration throughout the festival scene.

Hayley was reported to weigh 240 pounds at the time, but that number rose with their sales figures.

Paramore didn't hit the big time until the release of "Riot", and that was also true of Hayley herself. Once the band had achieved enough success that she was a household name, she was quick to use her now stable position to gain even more weight without having to worry about financial concerns.

In a 2010 interview, Hayley revealed that she had put on a further 87 pounds. That same year, Rolling Stone magazine featured her in a two page spread that has since gone on to become one of the most sought after issues in their publication history.

After the departure of two of her band members, Williams was heavily publicized as she went on a very public food binge. She has since credited this time in her life as the most beneficial to her current sunny outlook.

During the tours for their fourth album, Hayley was shown to be a size XXXL. Industry professionals remarked how incredible it was that she didn't get winded during her energetic performances, and she later tweeted that she would never change no matter how large she got.

Following her wedding and subsequent divorce, Hayley's light hasn't dimmed in the slightest. Currently touring for their latest album, After Laughter, the newly blonde singer is fatter and happier than ever.

Williams currently weighs 562 pounds.