Throughout Earth’s history the largeness of the woman has been considered a virtue. Until the late 19th century women wanting to achieve at that time extraordinary amounts of weight, those of the high 300s and low 400s, had to be born into the nobility or upper classes. At the beginning of the 20th century the average woman’s weight was about 215-pounds, which it had been since civilization began, and rose until at the end of the 20th century an average woman weighed about 350-pounds. If the women of the past who weighed in at about 350-pounds were to see the women of that same weight and one difference would present itself—class.

History of Fat Women and FAT WORLD

Since the Sumerian civilization in the Middle East and the Ancient Egyptian along the shore of the Nile, the largest women were found with royal blood or in a king’s harem. The average weight of princesses, queens, and consorts was around 330-pounds in conservative estimates and has high as 380 in liberal circles. Next heaviest were women in the priestly ranks—whether they are priestess, wives of priests, or daughters of priests—who weighed in from around the range of 255-pounds to 300-pounds, occurring to Greek myths the high priestess of the goddess of beauty and love (Aphrodite) would become immobile to be in the image of the great goddess. And in the lowest range were the common women who weighed from around 170-pounds to 225-pounds depending on which trade their father and then husband was in.

These three plateaus were strictly in forced by laws to show the rank of each woman and her family. If a woman grew to break these social rules then she would be placed on a diet that would shrink her down below 170-pound in the process causing disgrace. But if a woman broke the social rules because she was with child, the offense would be ignored because instead of weighing one person they would be weighing two or more.

Ways of producing enough food to keep the women’s weight up helped spark agricultural advances that would have taken about 1500-years to develop if women hadn’t gone to large proportions. It is an established fact that if women had not been prone to want to weight greater, than food production would have been low and might have added causes to wars for water, land for populous, and pride. Yet weather changes would still effect food production, so throughout the next millennia as the food levels fluctuated so would the weight levels fluctuate.

Until France and America in the late 18th century, the women who weighed the heaviest came from the royal, nobility, and upper class. In ancient times, kings would boast how heavy, agile, and beautiful their wives compared to their rivals wives. They would also boast that their wife was the heaviest mobile woman, a title still in use today. The reason for the title was because in every culture an immobile woman was feared as a curse by the gods, the only except to this idea was the high priestess of the culture’s goddess of beauty and love who would become immobile in an effort to show the true image of the goddess.

Religion and superstition beside, the first recorded “world’s heaviest mobile woman” is of course, the mother of the human race known as The Eve. Yet, the first documented, though, was the Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut who weighed approximately 330-pounds the last time her weight was recorded. Being the head of one of the mightiest kingdoms of the ancient world gave Hatshepsut a leg up on the competition, but then no one was able to substantially prove anyone before her was the “world’s heaviest mobile woman.” The next universally excepted holder of the title was another Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra who weighed 350-pounds by Egyptian measurements and 375 by Roman.

Queen Isabel of Spain, Queen Elizabeth I of England, and other ruling Queen’s throughout next 1800 years each received the title “world’s heaviest.” The last holder of the title when it was exclusively measured in the royal, nobility, and upper class was Queen Marie Antoinette of France. The French Queen, at her largest, officially weighed in at 402-pounds before the Revolution. After her death via the guillotine, every woman in the world became eligible for the title “world’s heaviest mobile female” thanks to the repeal of class weight restrictions in France and the independent spirit of women in the United States.

While it would take almost the entire 19th-century before the majority of the population of women would start the rival the weights of the more elite women, the weight of 400-pounds was considered a great threshold to cross. Some say the first American to be in contention for the title “heaviest mobile woman” was First Lady Dolly Madison, who some say got close if not surpassed the 400-pound mark. All around the world stories of 400+ pound woman of either noble or common birth would be printed, some outrageous tales of mobile 600 or 700 pound women were thought of as more fictitious and examples of propaganda or yellow journalism. After the 1880s, however there was a sudden change as more documented 400+ pound woman were found and written about. However it soon became a “scientific fact” that if a woman were to go over 465-pounds that she would be in danger of being immobile and women once they got close to this more became very cautious. The title “heaviest mobile woman” would be passed from country to country or region to region and had become a somewhat of a joke that is until it was proclaimed on Marilyn Monroe.

Just after World War II, Monroe was in Hollywood and at the weight of around 400-pounds was in competition with several other women of the same size and talent for jobs. Then Monroe in need of money answered an ad by a nutrition company. The job was to help in an experiment in muscle strengtheners and to gain weight to see if it helped any, at first apprehensive, she finally decided to take the job. A year later in 1951, the experiment ended with Monroe as the only applicant left and the results were amazing. At nearly 500-pounds, she had broken “scientific fact” and it only became more shattered as she went past the 500-pound mark. After the very large Marilyn was spotted by several executives who couldn’t believe her size, she suddenly was a star.

The method of her sudden climb to fame was soon well-known in Hollywood then mainstream American and the world. Though the muscle strengthening industry was just in its infancy, it began to boom. Marilyn Monroe died in 1962 and her weight of 585 was considered a record that many women tried but failed to break as they looked for their own Hollywood stardom. As the 600-pound mobile barrier was seen as the next frontier to be crossed, it would take until the late 1970s and early 1980s before it was finally approached then crossed. The modeling world became the stage for this happening and as the upper crust of modeling, the supermodels, got closer it wasn’t until Cindy Crawford and Kathy Ireland were documented at over 600-pounds that a new scale tilting movement began that saw all of Hollywood and the entertainment world become obsessed getting bigger. However as some women, most notably Paula Porizkova who in an attempt to get attention for herself tried to ‘push the envelope’ and became a tabloid joke when became immobilized somewhere around past 680-pounds only to continue to gain until she was over 800. Again some saw this as a barrier.

Then with Anna Nicole Smith’s stunning 746-pound and growing appearance, many believed it showed the sky was the limit if you had your head on straight. Suddenly the great Hollywood Ballooning began that has inspired women of all ages around the world to follow the trend. While there are stories of women getting over their heads too fast and tabloids look to for actresses, models, singers, and other female entertainers to grow a big head and then lose their mobility, the new “scientific fact” is that you get as big as your condition your body to get.

While Anna Nicole Smith has admitted that her now 1138-pound weight might be close to her own personal limit, many see that title of “the world’s heaviest mobile woman” firmly staying the entertainment community for many years to come younger women looking to “make it” are starting to get bigger sooner, the noted Britney Spears-Christina Aguilera rivalry is one example and the noted multi-season massive expansion of Jennifer Aniston on Friends is another as major “success stories” while many “fool making episodes” have humiliated many young women trying to get bigger without much of a plan or mind to watch themselves like the ‘Simple Party’ incidents of the 2000s.

The century or millennium has many fascinating things for those who question how large a woman can become while still mobile, but as the images of Hollywood and the entertainment world are spread over the world. The question might be, at what point will the average woman start competing with the ‘elite’ again?

Notable Women of FAT WORLD

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