Heavyweight divas eve by peanut85-d4ox94c

Eve at 650 lbs.


Eve Torres is a WWE Diva. She has won the Dive Search competioin, and has appeared on RAW and Smackdown. She is a three time Diva's Champion.

Eve has undergone extensive training to bulk up and stands close to the A-List at 470 lbs.

After being appointed assistant to the Smackdown GM and doing such a good job, the Smackdown GM replaced Kaitlyn after her attack and Eve won the title from Layla and has started a rivalry with Kaitlyn and Layla in the ring and weight gaining. Eve stood at 480 lbs.

After the 20th anniversery of Raw, Eve quit because she lost the title to Kaitlyn. She left WWE and now weighs in at 520 lbs. since her career.