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Celeste Bonin, stage name Kaitlyn, was a WWE Diva famous for winning NXT season 3. She was employed by the company from 2010 to late 2013, which she left by an early contract resignation to pursue a career in strength training for heavier women so that they may maintain their size and easily retain their mobility. She also has began being a fashion designer.

Wrestling CareerEdit

Kaitlyn debuted as part of the season 3 lineup of NXT. As a contestant on the show, Kaitlyn began her wrestling career at 450 lbs. Her popularity was moderate on the show and sparked a huge shocker amongst viewers when she won.

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The Chickbusters, during their rookie year in WWE

After the competition, Kaitlyn formed a tag team with fellow NXT contestant, AJ, called the Chickbusters. The duo

created the partnership as they were celebrating their "compatible nerdy interests and their fondness for the same food." The two referred to each other as "food buddies" on air and on their vlog posts on Youtube. The tag team was mostly successful and remained in full action during 2010, which had a major rivalry with Beth Phoenix and Natalya. The tag team imploded upon a loss in mid 2011, which made Kaitlyn aggressively disband the group along with AJ's budding kayfabe relationship getting in the way hindering their momentum.

After the Chickbusters split up, the rest of 2011 seen Kaitlyn being sent to NXT to develop her in-ring abilities and mic skills further. She was kept in mid-card rivalries until she was called back up to WWE televised programming in early 2012

In 2012, Kaitlyn served mostly as a backstage Diva, showing no matches in which she participated in on live television. She kept verbal confrontations with AJ and Eve Torres up for the majority of the summer until she began to be featured in matches on RAW and SmackDown! shows. Kaitlyn ended up winning a battle royale to be the No 1. Contender for her friend Layla's WWE Diva's Championship. Unfortunately, Kaitlyn ended up being attacked at the 2012 Night of Champions PPV. The loss of her position made for Eve to become No. 1 Contender, whom later won the title. it was revealed that Eve was behind the attack that knocked Kaitlyn out. During this time, Kaitlyn began to steadily gain weight for convincing footing in the budding rivalry with Eve.

In early 2013, Kaitlyn defeated Eve for her first and only WWE Diva's Championship reign on a historic 20th anniversary televised RAW. She held the title for six months before losing it to her former tag team partner and friend, AJ, at the 2013 Payback PPV. After the defeat, Kaitlyn sunk into lesser acclaimed matches and eventually drifted to lower viewership. She asked for an early contract termination in late December 2013, which she was granted, to pursue other career ventures.

Kaitlyn's last weight while employed by WWE was 510 pounds, since she has left the company it has slowly crept upwards and is around 540 pounds.