Fat Angie

Angelina Jolie, at 450 lbs.

Angelina Jolie, (born Angelia Voight Jolie), is one of the most famous and well respected actresses, writers and philatropists in Fat World. Born on June 4, 1975, she had her acting debut alongside her father in 1982, but it was only starting in 1993 that her acting career - and weight - began to rise.

In 1993, while starring in low-budget film Cyborg 2, Angelina Jolie weighed only 200 pounds. Then came her starring role in the first Tomb Raider filn, where she acted out the role of the rotund Tomb Raider, Lara Croft herself. This started the Chunky Athlete trend in Fat World, perhaps slightly ironically, because Angelina Jolie herself has never showed much interest in athleticism, although quite a few of her characters and roles were involved with athletic stunts. As the years passed, and Angelina Jolie's weight grew slowly but steadily: 350 pounds in 2007, while she was voicing the character of Grendel's Mother in Beowulf; 450-500 pounds as she starred in such films as Changeling and Salt, and at the last report, while making the movie Maleficent, she weighed in at 635 pounds - a fact that the film's management used to the movie's advancement, as Angelina Jolie loomed on the screen, overshadowing the slimmer built Elle Fanning and practically stealing all of the spotlight.

Fat angelina 3 by peanut85-d4spln4

Jolie at 550 lbs.

Despite her fame and several Oscar-worthy performances, Angelina Jolie is still single, though she had a number of romances with her co-stars, both men and women. In 2000, she married the actor Billy Bob Thornton, but divorced him around the year 2003. Since then, she has entered a stable relationship with Jenny Shimizu.

When not starring in movies, Angelina Jolie travels the world to help those in need, making sure that no one goes hungry. Although she is a single, she has still given birth to 3 children and had adopted several more over the last 15 years with full support from Jenny.

So far, Angelina's weight has stabilized, as has her family, and while she is still planning to remain a star, she has also planned to be first and foremost a mother to her numerous children and to run the Jolie Foundation to aid humanitarian causes around the world.